IT Support

Your computer systems are critical to the way your company does business. Downtime can be extremely costly, and loss of data can be disastrous. That’s why it’s key that your systems work smoothly and efficiently. And when things do go wrong you need them fixed quickly and efficiently with minimal interruption.

Our support contract gives you complete peace of mind, you pay a fixed monthly fee for your cover, which includes a secure helpdesk account, telephone support, remote support, and on-site support.

  • We can help remove much of your work and worry by keeping your computer systems in good shape.
  • We ensure your systems are kept healthy and protected. And with a remote support link, in most cases, we can respond to support issues without the need for a site visit.
  • Our support contracts allow you to budget for your IT costs on a monthly or annual basis.

If you have a problem and need professional computer support to resolve your issue, call us today. We will provide on-site support for a fixed hourly fee, (agreed prior to our visit and is dependent on your location and requirements).

Available to all existing customers, this service enables you to sign in securely and create a unique support ticket which will be logged and responded to in accordance with the level of urgency.