Accounting Software

Today’s business systems must offer much more than just accounting. They should support every part of your operation, giving you the vital management control you need to run your business.

Datafile matches the way you work; storing the information you require, tailored to fit your business. Providing the information you want, when you need it.

More than 7,500 users of Datafile Software systems in every type and size of business can testify to Datafile’s effectiveness, including such well-known names as EMI’s Abbey Road Studios, The Children’s Society, Jazz FM, the National Rivers Authority and Tie Rack PLC.

Adapting Datafile to your needs takes significantly less time, and so costs less, compared with other systems. As you grow Datafile can grow with you.

Datafile Software is split into three main product lines with a comprehensive range of applications. Each have 100% compatibility of data and definitions, which means that moving up through the product line as your business grows, is a snip. The three product levels are:

  • Datafile Premier
  • Datafile Diamond
  • Datafile Professional

Datafile Software increasingly is the system chosen second time around, to replace accounting and commercial systems, that have failed to meet the greater demands that users need to place on them.