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5 reasons why an IT support contract wins over PAYG fixes

All businesses use computers, in fact all businesses completely rely on computers; whether that simply be to keep a record of accounts or to run a comprehensive businesses system that supports the core activity of the company. If all businesses need computers then it also follows that they all require IT support, in some capacity. You then have 2 options – an on-going support contract or PAYG.

Paying for IT support as you need it can seem attractive; who wants to pay for services other than when you actually need them? For some businesses this is the best way, particularly if usage is low and your system is not central to the delivery of your core service. For most though, an IT support contract is the most effective, efficient and economical strategy and while we would say that, here are our top 5 reasons why:

  1. Better budgeting
    By spreading the cost of IT support over the year with equal fixed payments you know exactly what the costs are upfront and there are no unexpected big bills to pay when something goes wrong.
  2. Better prevention of problems
    Rather than waiting for your computer to fail, your IT support is proactively keeping your system as healthy as possible through regular system checks, proper security measures and other on-going monitoring. Your system will also be optimised for your own requirements. These preventative initiatives mean that you are less likely to have problems in the first place.
  3. Faster fixes
    The majority of IT firms will prioritise their contracted clients when it comes to fixing problems. They will also have already established remote support access which means that many issues can be resolved without even requiring a site visit. Faster fixes mean less downtime and less inconvenience for you.
  4. Knowledge is power!
    Because your contractor already knows your system and has been involved with maintaining it, if something does goes wrong it can usually be sorted out pretty efficiently because of that prior knowledge.
  5. IT lifeline
    If you don’t have an in house IT person and you get stuck with a minor tech issue there’s not much you can do but try and figure it out yourself. At best this can be frustrating and time consuming, at worst you can end up making it a whole lot worse. On a support contract you have someone that you can ask, either by telephone or by submitting a support ticket, so you’re never on your own.

At CCS we offer a range of support contracts suitable for any business and completely tailored to your needs. If computers are vital to your business then we strongly advise that you consider an IT support contract.

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